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Holiday Apartments to let in Bosa, Sardinia


Food in the region is wonderful. In Bosa there are many restaurants, from the smart and expensive, to the wonderful Alduccio food van, by the river in the car park across the foot bridge.
Alduccio food van, Bosa - apartments to rent
Alduccio good food van, Bosa
Many of the restaurants have changed hands in the last 12 months, and some of our favourites are no longer what they were! To get the latest info try Trip Advisor Or you can ask our advice when you are here.
Probably the best food and most interesting menu can be had just down below our road in Piazzetta Episcopio at Alduccio al Panificio which also has live music from time to time in the evening. The main hotel in town, Sa Pischedda, does good food and pizza. Service can sometimes be a bit erratic but has improved. Further afield there are great restaurants in many of the surrounding towns and an exceptional one in Cugliari, Desogus. Details of many places to eat are in the apartments. Take a chance, we have never had a bad meal yet. Bars do not have kitchens, so any food served cooked at a bar will be frozen and microwaved. With the help of our guests we are building up a guide to good eating places, and we are usually on hand to give you advice.

Please note: Lunch is generally served between 12:30 and 2pm, dinner from 7:30 / 8ish until late. Don't expect to get fed at 5pm!

Music at Alduccio al Panificio
Live music at Alduccio al Panificio

Eating in, you have a well equipped kitchen at your apartment, and fantastic shops selling really fresh fruit, veg, fish and meat all year round. Many of the veg shops grow much of the produce they sell, and most of the rest is from Sardinia.


Excellent wines come from Bosa and Sardinia in general. Bosa is famous for its Malvasia di Bosa, a rich white wine that is very strong. Commercial Malvasia can be a bit like sherry, but Bar Zio Elio make their own (oppostite the Cathedral) and also the vegetable shop on Corso Vitt Emanuele ll. The wine from these people is far better and they will usually let you taste some. Also there are vineyards that sell direct, especially around Modolo and on the coastal road to Porto Alabe.

Borgo Saint Ignazio, just down the road from Lemon Tree House, Bosa
Borgo St. Ignazio excellent dinner or lunch

The local red wine is variable, again the shops mentioned above make their own and it is worth trying. The commercial red wine, Cannonau di Sardegna is strong, dry, spicey and generally good. Monica di Sardegna is a little lighter, but also generally good. Of the commercial white wines the Vermentino is a generally delicious dry white which can be still or sparkling. Vermentino di Gallura is a particularly good DOC. Vernaccia is a strong sweeter white from near Oristano that can be a bit like sherry. There are many other lesser known whites produced all over Sardinia, with some excellent fizzy ones. Of particular note is the Torbato Brut from Sella & Mosca, and the wines from Santa Maria La Palma both near Alghero. You can also visit their vineyards and sample their excellent wines. The shop 'Veritas' sells a range of local and other wines and also do their own wines on tap. They are down by the old bridge next to Bar Zio Tore.