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Holiday accommodation in Bosa, North West Sardinia

WiFi internet access in both our apartments


Bosa is on the North West coast of Sardinia. It is easily accessible from the main towns of Alghero, Porto Torres, Olbia and Cagliari.


Ryanair fly to Alghero (Fertillia) airport from Stansted, just over 1 hour's drive from Bosa. At certain times of the year a few other carriers fly to Alghero from the UK as well. It is also possible to fly to Alghero from many other European destinations. Click here to check Ryanair web site, or here for Alghero Airport. Other carriers fly to Olbia which is a little further away, about 2 hours by car, but there is also a coach / train service. You can fly from Edinborough, Leeds, Manchester, Bristol, Birmingham and London Gatwick to Olbia, although not all flights are available all year round. Click here for details
Cagliari airport is also about a 2 hour drive from Bosa and has flights to and from the 3 major London airports and other destinations throughout europe.

For car hire we recommend Autoeurope who may not always be the cheapest, but we have found them reliable. However it is always worth checking out others. Book your car hire before you come to Sardinia, as it is expensive once you get here.

If you don't want to hire a car, you can take public transport, or we can arrange for someone to collect you from the airport, about €70 from Alghero, €140 from Olbia. Getting a taxi at the airport is much more expensive.


There are daily ferries from Porto Torres to Genova (North Italy), there also ferries to and from Barcelona, Marseilles and Civitavecchia (Near Rome). This means that you can drive to Sardinia or take the train.


There are generally good bus services but very limited trains. From Fertillia Airport it is possible to get a bus into Alghero, and on to Bosa. The nearest railway station is Macomer and trains are very limited going just to the main cities such as Sassari, Oristano, Cagliari etc.

Below is the published timetable for Pullman Buses from Alghero Airport to Bosa
Airport 08.30 11.30* 13.45* 20.00** 23.15
Alghero 9.30 10.55 13.55 20.20 23.35
Bosa Centre 10.25 11.50 14.55 21.15 00.30
Bosa Marina 10.35 11.55 15.05 21.20 00.40
Bus Station, Bosa 10.40 12.00 15.10 21.25 00.45

Below is the published timetable for buses from Bosa to Alghero Airport
Bus Station, Bosa 4.10 6.50* ----- 11.40* 16.40
Bosa Marina 4.15 6.55 8.15** 11.45 16.45
Bosa Centre 4.20 7.05 8.20** 11.55 16.55
Alghero 5.15 8.00 9.15 12.50 17.50
Airport 5.40 8.20 9.35 13.15 18.15

* indicates not Sundays or holidays.
** indicates June 15th to Sept 15th only

We make no guarantees about these timetables, but to the best of our knowledge they are true.
Information published by: FdS s.r.l.